domingo, 31 de julho de 2011

Imagine a person you trust. The one you trust the most. Not that you have trusted for some time now, but that person you trusted always, during his lifetime.
Who has been with you since childhood. It was his friend, attended the finest moments of his life, made ​​you laugh and made to various company when you needed it most.
Now imagine if that person abandon you. Left you on the way for a reason you never expect it could come from her.
You lose the ground, not lose? If you feel like he could not trust anyone else.
That's how I am. With a lump in my throat, an urge to cry. Crying, crying, crying, until this whole farce is over. The person I trusted blindly in my life surprised me, and needless to say was negative. VERY negatively. I do not know what will be most of my summers without it. I do not know what will happen from now on. Just know that my summer will not be more colorful and cheerful as before. And I miss you.
I know it will not be the same anymore. All that we lived go unnoticed.

To think that you're always my outlet ... The friend who I trusted more, for everything. That friend that when I felt I was alone, I remembered:''I'm not alone, she's always on my side.''
I never thought this could happen.
But it happened.
And now, I know it will hurt, but it will not shoot me down. And I want it to be very, very, very, very happy. Yes, really. Regardless of everything.
Today hurts, but tomorrow I know will not hurt anymore. One day this will all be part of the past. It taught me that the person we least expect can also let us down.

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